Eugene Roe
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Eugene Roe

Band of Brothers

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About Him

Grew up… in Plaquemine, La. Although Eugene is very bright, he was forced to quit school in order to help his family. Before the war, he worked with oilers of machinery.

Living… in occupied Europe. Eugene ‘Doc’ Roe joined the elite 101st Airborne Division in order to fight the Nazis. Each day is a struggle for Roe, who went through the harshest training and is currently facing the toughest conditions.

Profession… medic. Despite his lack of medical education prior to joining up, Roe worked hard to distinguish himself during his training and earn the privilege of wearing the medic’s Red Cross.

Relationship Status… single. Eugene didn’t leave a woman behind in America when he left to fight the war, though he did form a bond with a Belgian nurse named Renee during his stay in an army hospital.

Challenge… protecting his men. Eugene ‘Doc’ Roe takes his job as a medic very seriously. Even though he may appear to be aloof while his fellow soldiers make jokes, Roe shows his loyalty to the men of Easy Company on the battlefield. “Oh Lord,” he says in prayer, “grant that I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, or to be loved as to love with all my heart.”

Personality… serious and businesslike. Roe doesn’t appear to revel in the battlefield camaraderie. He rarely makes jokes or participates in the friendly banter. But he always goes the extra mile to heal, console and protect the men on the battlefield as bullets whiz past. As a medic, that’s what really counts.

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