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Living... in New York with her husband Frank. They live close to their adult son George and regularly force him to spend time with them, leading to his suggestion that they move to Florida like the majority of their peers to give him a “buffer zone.” Alas for George, no such luck.

Profession... retired. Estelle has long since stopped working and is now able to focus all of her time and energy on getting overly involved in her son's life.

Interests... George. Estelle likes to keep tabs on her son and everyone in his life. While she does truly care about George's well-being and success, she often has a funny way of showing it. She constantly compares him unfavorably to the neighbor’s boy Lloyd Braun and tosses out gems such as, "George doesn't work. He's a bum." Even when George’s onetime fiancé Susan tells Estelle that she loves her son very much, Estelle’s response is, “May I ask why?”

Relationship Status... married to Frank. They are constantly at odds, seeming to disagree on even the most insignificant points and rarely speaking to each other in a tone other than an enraged yell. For instance, when Frank gripes about the bananas Estelle has put in a Jell-O dish, Estelle screams, "GEORGE LIKES THE BANANAS!" Estelle and Frank do separate at some point but get back together, appearing unable to function without their habitual disputes.

Challenge... personal relationships. Estelle has trouble making and keeping friends. Her opinionated bluntness in her signature shrill, whiny voice makes her very hard to bear. Even Morty and Helen Seinfeld, the parents of George’s best friend Jerry Seinfeld, are on record as not caring for the Costanzas. Fortunately, Estelle has George, who has no possible escape from her.

Personality... over-bearing and irritating. She consistently involves herself in situations that have nothing to do with her and becomes extremely defensive when told she is out of line. However, she does seem to be well-intentioned and wants to be genuinely helpful with her advice. She is just unable to articulate her concern without being extremely critical.

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