Erika Kurumi

Erika Kurumi

HeartCatch PreCure

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About Her

Grew up… with her parents and older sister in their fashion shop, Fairy Drop. Surrounded by pretty clothes since childhood, Tsubomi's always wanted to be a model, but unlike her older sister Momoka, she hasn't quite got the figure for it yet.

Living… in Kibougahana, right next to the new flower shop, Hanasaki Flower Shop, where Tsubomi Hanasaki lives. Tsubomi seems nice enough, if rather shy, but Erika's confident they'll soon be the best of friends.

Profession… middle-school student and part-time magical girl. When Erika sets out to befriend Tsubomi, she would have never guessed her new neighbor's secret: Tsubomi is a PreCure, a magical warrior tasked with protecting the hearts of the human race. And, after being approached by the fairies Coffret and Chypre, Erika is now Tsubomi's PreCure partner.

Interests… clothes, whether it's making, buying, or modeling them. But since Momoka's the model of the family, Erika's turned her talents to design instead. And with Fairy Drop's resources, Erika can mix-and-match the perfect outfit for any occasion.  

Relationship Status… single. Erika's only fourteen, so while she has her fair share of crushes, she's not exactly in a hurry for romance.

Challenge… saving innocents from evil. As Cure Marine, Erika fights the Desert Apostles, villains determined to capture the Heart Flowers of innocents around them. However, with each Heart Flower taken, the Great Tree of Hearts – the source of human hearts – wilts a little more. To prevent the Tree's death, Erika and Tsubomi must defeat enemies and collect Heart Seeds to revive it.

Personality… energetic, cheerful, and brave. Diving headlong into things, Erika is all play and no work – after all, "You can do your homework later! It's more fun to play! And a lot less boring!" Erika's act-first, think-later philosophy has hurt her a few times, but she's got a kind heart and has Tsubomi to help her think things through.

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