The Last of Us

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Boston. Ellie was born and raised in a Boston quarantine zone five years after the fungal outbreak that destroyed the world. The post-apocalypse is the only world she has ever known.

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. In the future, a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus infected humanity, causing a worldwide zombie apocalypse. Society is left in ruins and the last people remaining struggle to get by and co-exist with limited resources.

Profession... firefly. Having seen how oppressive the quarantine zone governments can be, Ellie is sympathetic to the Fireflies, a group of rebels opposing them. She also hopes they can use her natural immunity to the fungus to create some kind of cure.

Interests... the mall. During a rare moment of peace with her best friend Riley, Ellie enjoyed going on rides and taking pictures at an abandoned mall. There was even some romance between the two young women.

Relationship Status... single. Her encounter with Riley aside, there isn’t much time for dating in the post-apocalypse. Ellie’s primary relationship is as a kind of surrogate daughter to the ruthless survivor Joel, who smuggled her out of Boston. She never really had a parent before, but Joel becomes a father figure as they journey together.

Challenge... staying alive. Although she has an independent streak due to having to look out for herself for so long, Ellie is also afraid of being alone and knows she has to depend on Joel to keep on living another day. As she says, “To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive.”

Personality... mature. Growing up in a world that to her has always been this chaotic has made Ellie more world-weary that a 14-year-old should be. She isn’t fazed by violence and vulgarity. However, she still has innocence that Joel wants to shield from humanity’s true darkness.


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