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Edward Fairfax Rochester

Jane Eyre

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Living… at Thornfield Hall, a family manor. It's a little dusty, but it's still grand enough, and Rochester likes the place physically. At the same time, there's a part of him that "abhor[s] the very thought of it."

Profession… master of the house. As a wealthy man, Rochester's only real responsibility is to manage his estate – which, considering how often he travels, he doesn't seem to do very well.

Interests... like most well-bred men, traveling and socializing. Not that he necessarily likes either activity. Rochester spends more time snarking at his society "friends" than actually enjoying their company.

Relationship status... complicated. No doubt about it, Rochester is a picky man—even after 10 years of searching multiple countries for a wife, he still hasn't found his "ideal of a woman." Rochester's seen the greatest beauties of England, France, and Germany and found them wanting. Yet when plain, penniless Jane Eyre comes to Thornfield, Rochester is intrigued.

Challenge… finding love, maybe. Jane Eyre is a striking creature, "at once so frail and so indomitable" that Rochester can't help but be smitten. Happiness, however, has never been something Rochester is good at, and the ghosts in his past might ultimately prevent him from finding it with Jane.  

Personality...proud and often cruelly sardonic, but also tormented. Rochester doesn't think of himself as a good man, but his actions speak to a braver, kinder person beneath his brusque behavior. While most people just see his fiery temper, Rochester's passionate personality means he's also capable of great tenderness. 

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Edward Fairfax Rochester
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