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Edina Monsoon

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Grew Up… never. Even though she is 39, Eddy is essentially being raised by her daughter, Saffie, 16. Saffie helps Eddy – that’s what everyone calls Edina – cope with the travails of everyday life, such as making the coffee and deciding what to wear. Though according to Eddy, Saffie has no fashion sense at all, which is rich considering the ridiculous (though expensive) outfits that Eddy whips together.

Living… in her house in London with her daughter Saffie. Most days Eddy’s oldest and best friend, Patsy, stops by for a drink. Patsy is around so often, it’s like she lives at Eddy’s.

Profession… owner of a PR company. When not having a panic attack, Eddy can be a creative, organised, and shrewd businesswoman. But she comes into work more or less when she wants, and expects a glass of wine waiting for her, poured by her assistant, Bubble. Eddy’s company rarely has more than one major client at a time, but it enables her life of designer labels and relative leisure.

Interests… fashion, beauty products, and drinking. Though she also dabbles in a number of important activities including New Age spirituality, aromatherapy, psychotherapy, reflexology, osteopathy, homoeopathy, naturopathy, crystal reading, shiatsu, and feng shui.

Relationship Status… twice-divorced, now single. Saffie’s father is Justin, an American antique dealer that Eddy met sometime in the ‘60s. He lives in London and owns an antiques shop that he runs with his partner Oliver. Justin still pops round every now and then to visit with Saffie and see how she’s doing, to which Eddy responds by competing for Saffie’s affection.

Challenge… aspiring to move in the highest circles of fashion and celebrity. Currently she’s on the fringes of that world, but not nearly as close as she seems to believe. It seems that Eddy’s true challenge, internally, is to remain (or become) serene, thin, and tasteful.

Personality… shallow, vain, immature. Eddy would be fairly reprehensible if she didn’t truly care about—if not for—her daughter, and truly love her best friend Patsy. As Eddy once tells Saffie, “I don’t want you ending up like me with all my complicated, still rather marvellous hang-ups, sweetie. You don’t want that.” Eddy does indeed possess a number of complicated, still rather marvellous hang-ups. She is neurotic, high-strung, petulant, frivolous, garrulous, self-absorbed, borderline alcoholic – and, of course, absolutely fabulous.

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