Dwayne Hoover

Dwayne Hoover

    Little Miss Sunshine
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… a surly 15-year-old who takes teenage introversion to new heights. An ardent believer in the philosophy of Fredrick Nietzsche, Dwyane has taken a vow of silence until he achieves his dream of becoming a test pilot for the Air Force. He also claims to hate everyone. Dwayne just wants his family to leave him alone and he never speaks, instead communicating with nods, shrugs, and a notepad.

Personality… cynical, dour, and radiating angst. He describes his life as hell – a fairly accurate assessment given his stepfather Richard’s tendency to spout off about his motivational program, the Nine Steps, at the slightest provocation. In response to Richard’s constant assertion that accomplishing anything is as easy as “wanting it,” Dwyane has armored himself in the kind of black cynicism that can only be maintained by teenagers. But while Dwyane claims to have nothing but disdain for his family, he has a tender side and usually comes through when he’s needed most. He has a particular soft spot for his little sister Olive, whose excitement and enthusiasm serve as a perfect foil to Dwyane’s moody yet steadfast presence.


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