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Don Eppes


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About Him

Grew up… during the Vietnam War. It wasn't always an easy childhood – his parents would take Don and his brother to sit-ins, and he even saw his father arrested – but it was still a good one, full of fond memories of Little League and the smell of the baseball field.

Living… in Los Angeles. He has his own place, but Don frequently stops by his father’s house. Especially now that his mother is dead, Don makes sure to stop by and check in on his dad. That, and stop his little brother Charlie from mooching off his dad too much—Charlie still lives at home, even though he’s nearly thirty.

Profession… FBI Special Agent with the LA office. Don used to run the Albuquerque office, but he transferred to be closer to home when his mother contracted cancer. Don takes his job extremely seriously, and if there’s a big case, he’ll only go home to shower before he is back at work.

Interests… sports. Although Don couldn’t make it professionally, he still loves baseball. He also likes guns and has ever since he was little. His dad even predicted he would be a cop because of it.

Relationship Status… single. Don's not good with emotions: in the course of his job, he sees a lot of horrible stuff, and that’s led him to push his feelings down deep, when he even admits to having any. As a result, anything longer than a short-term fling isn’t in the stars right now.

Challenge… solving crimes with his brother. Don’s a good FBI agent, and he knows the job is hard and dangerous. That’s why he’s not crazy when his baby brother joins in on the job. But Charlie’s mathematical skills have been able to solve some impossible cases, and Don can’t ignore the lives saved. But will their sibling relationship get in the way of their objectives?

Personality… hard-working, principled, and stoic. Completely dedicated to the job, Don appears in many ways the picture of a perfect FBI agent. But his serious nature also makes Don harsh and unforgiving. He might want to do the job right, but Don's also a little trigger-happy – and eventually, all those suppressed emotions might just find a way surface.

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