Diego Hargreeves

Diego Hargreeves

    The Umbrella Academy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as a childhood superhero. Diego was one of seven babies adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves and raised to be part of a superhero team known as “The Umbrella Academy.” The children were born in a mysterious occurrence wherein 43 women around the world suddenly delivered babies, despite the fact that none of them were pregnant. Hargreeves trained his gifted children to be militant fighters, and initially gave them numbers, not names. Diego was “Number Two.”

Living... in the back room of a boxing gym. It’s not exactly glamorous, but, hey, it’s home.

Visiting... his childhood trauma. When Sir Reginald dies, Diego returns home for the funeral, where he’s reunited with his adoptive brothers Luther and Klaus, as well as his adoptive sisters Allison and Vanya—the one Hargreeves sibling without powers. Being back at the Hargreeves manor brings back plenty of tough memories. Diego eulogizes his father by saying, “He was monster… the world’s better off without him.” Returning home also gives Diego a chance to reunite with his “mom” Grace, the robot who served as caretaker for the siblings. Diego was the closest to Grace and worries about what will happen to her now that Sir Reginald is gone.

Profession... vigilante. After The Umbrella Academy disbanded, Diego’s siblings moved away from crime fighting. He wanted to prove all their training wasn’t for nothing, however. He tried to become a police officer, but got thrown out of the academy. Now he works as a vigilante instead.

Interests... boxing and knife throwing. Diego’s power is the ability to control the trajectory of anything he throws. Knives are his preferred weapon of choice.

Relationship Status... single. However, Diego clearly still feels a connection to his ex, Detective Eudora Patch, who sometimes reluctantly helps with his vigilante work.

Challenge... stopping the apocalypse. When long-lost Umbrella Academy member Number Five suddenly reappears after a 16-year absence (in his 13-year-old body, strangely enough), he informs his siblings that the apocalypse is going to occur in eight days. Unfortunately, The Umbrella Academy might just be too fractured to reunite against such an impossible-to-believe threat.

Personality... impulsive, emotional, and frustrated. Diego spent his childhood constantly (and literally) being second to Luther, a.k.a. “Number One.” That gave him a huge inferiority complex and a short fuse. Even as an adult, Diego constantly feels the need to prove himself. Though he doesn’t like to show it, he has a softer, more sensitive side too. He’s deeply loyal to those he cares about and absolutely fearless when it comes to helping people in need.


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