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Deb Bradshaw

Napoleon Dynamite

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About Her

Overview... the exact opposite of a popular girl. Preston, Idaho may not exactly be a hip place, but Deb is awkward even by its standards. How else to describe a girl who, when trying to sell homemade key chains, resorts to shoving them at potential customers and then running away? Actually though the strategy doesn't seem to have been that bad; Deb got her key chains back in the end, and she's found a new friend in Napoleon Dynamite because of it.

Personality... shy, awkward, and unsure. Deb's more of a wallflower than a cheerleader, more content with staying in the shadows than being the center of attention. Underneath all her social ineptitude, however, is a sweet girl with a good heart—if anyone will bother to look for it.  

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Deb Bradshaw
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