David St. Hubbins

David St. Hubbins

    This Is Spinal Tap
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the rough neighborhood of Squatney, in London’s grimy East End. David grew up two doors down from his longtime friend and writing partner, Nigel Tufnel. London’s harsh streets primed David for his career as a rock star.

Living… a rock ‘n roll lifestyle. David and his fellow band-mates are used to the best of the best: champagne, limousines, and hotel suites. They’ve toured the entire world numerous times. Unfortunately they seem to be playing smaller and smaller venues these days, and the champagne isn’t quite so top-shelf or free-flowing.

Visiting… the United States to promote Spinal Tap’s new album, Smell the Glove. After the success of past albums like Shark Sandwich, The Gospel According to Spinal Tap and Intravenus de Milo, David and his band want to make their latest the biggest and best record they’ve done. Though it’s not working out so well thus far.

Profession… lead singer of Spinal Tap. Though he was named for the patron saint for quality footwear, David was born to front a rock band, belting out hit tunes like Sex Farm, Big Bottom and Hell Hole. He is on track to live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse under a tombstone reading, “Here lies David St. Hubbins… and why not?

Relationship Status… dating a strong-willed and opinionated woman named Jeanine. David credits his girlfriend with getting him out of a depressive patch of his life: “Before I met Jeanine my life was cosmically in shambles. I was using bits and pieces of whatever Eastern philosophies happened to drift through my transom.” But the other members of Tap haven’t taken so kindly to Jeanine, especially not Nigel. They feel she’s now making decisions for David, which affects the band.

Challenge… facing the fact that his star is slowly fading. This latest (and mostly disastrous) tour of America has been quite a wake-up-call for the narcissistic and self-important David. He doesn’t want to admit that Spinal Tap’s glory days are behind them. But every sign – including when a way-too-small model of Stonehenge was nearly trampled onstage by a dancing little person – points to the fact that the band’s appeal is shrinking.

Personality… dim-witted, empty, and immature. David has been pampered into near-stupidity over the course of his music career, which might actually give him more credit for being born with smarts than he deserves. A few big hits and a handful of successful tours have inflated his ego quite a bit, and lately his controlling girlfriend Jeanine hasn’t helped much either.


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