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Darrel Powers

Band of Brothers

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Grew up… in the backwoods of Dickenson County, Virginia. “Shifty” is known amongst the men in “Easy” Company as the resident expert on outdoor survival.

Living… with his fellow soldiers on the frontline in occupied Europe. Shifty missed his initial drop zone into Normandy on D-Day, but, by using his outdoor skills, eventually regrouped with Easy Company.

Profession… Staff Sergeant and sharp shooter in the 101st Airborne Division. Shifty isn’t only revered for his wilderness survival skills, he’s also the best shot in Easy Company. “No, no, I’m not a good shot,” he once says modestly. “Now Dad, he was an excellent shot—excellent, I declare. He could shoot the wings off a fly.”

Interests… hunting game and showing off his rifle skills. Shifty, who can hit almost any target right on the mark, earned the awe of his fellow soldiers after shooting a German sniper directly between the eyes.

Challenge… using his hunting and outdoors experience to his advantage. They’re his best chance to survive the war, especially since Sgt. Powers goes through the worst that the Germans have to offer. He sees D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge. Like any solider, he faces the difficult task of dealing with the horrors of occupied Europe. As he once tells Lt. Dick Winters, “Back home in Virginia, well, I just don’t rightly know how I’m gonna explain all this.”

Personality… kind, brave and strong. Lt. Winters says it best when he says to him: “You’re a hell of a fine soldier, Shifty.” Shifty saved many lives through numerous acts of bravery on his tour through Europe, and he’s one of the most skilled fighters in Easy Company.

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