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Living… in Lanford, Illinois, in a house he’s always close to losing. Dan can fix just about anything that breaks, but he can barely make the mortgage. He’s also something of a hoarder – always reluctant to throw anything away no matter how cluttered the house gets.

Profession… building contractor and, later, motorcycle mechanic. Alas Dan’s blue-collar skills don’t always translate into an impressive or steady paycheck.

Interests… cars, relaxation, and family. He also moonlights as a singer, once entering a country-western song-writing contest in hopes of hitting it big. He’s an invested parent and joins Roseanne in her efforts to lose weight. 

Relationship Status… married to Roseanne. Their relationship is one of mutual respect and patience. Whatever mess they’re in, they’re in it together. They also make considerable efforts to improve their relationship, taking body language tests in order to see whether they can physically communicate their thoughts. Problems arise once in-laws enter the picture. Dan’s relationship with Roseanne’s sister Jackie can range from brotherly to confrontational. He can find her a bit meddlesome at times, just as Roseanne can find Dan’s family patronizing.

Challenge… achievingfinancial stability and good health. Dan’s employment status and financial troubles are a constant source of stress. He resents his father’s condescending remarks about his decision to work with his “hands rather than his head.” On the health front, Roseanne’s tried restricting their diets, but their attempts to control their weight often prove futile. Dan also occasionally struggles with the more awkward aspects of parenting – like talking to his oldest daughter Becky about birth control.

Personality… easy-going. Dan is not much of a strict disciplinarian and he often plays good cop to Roseanne’s not-as-good cop. He’s a salt-of-the-earth type, enjoying the simple things in life and tempering his ambitions with pragmatism. He likes a good joke and seems incapable of taking himself too seriously. But he’s a caring provider and a loyal husband, through and through.

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