Connie Corleone
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Connie Corleone

The Godfather

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About Her

Grew Up… with her three brothers: Sonny, Fredo, and Michael. Connie’s full name is Constanzia, which is fitting for the daughter of an Italian-American crime family mob boss. Her father, Vito Corleone, is known by many as “the Don” of his family.

Living… on the outskirts of the Corleone organized crime family. Connie doesn’t have to get her hands dirty – her father and brothers take care of the dirty work. Instead, Connie lives a relatively normal married life, with her husband Carlo Rizzi. They move into an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen but he starts beating her. Sonny reacts worse than anyone when he sees her battered face, biting his own knuckles to stop himself from screaming. Everything goes downhill from there.

Profession… housewife, but one with connections with the mafia. This allows her and her husband to live a relatively easy life, and which also tempts Carlo to take more than his share of money from her family.

Interests… raising a happy family. That’s all Connie ever really wanted. Unfortunately, when your family is involved in organized crime, your options become more limited with age.

Relationship Status… married. Her wedding was a day to remember. The year was 1945, and her brother Michael had just returned from his military service. Everyone was as happy as they’d ever be. And then married life began, and trouble started with Carlo.

Challenge… keeping her family on even footing. Even though Carlo beats her, Connie would rather take the abuse than have Sonny and the rest of her family hunt Carlo down. She screams, “It was my fault!” in Carlo’s defense.

Personality… emotional and dramatic. She doesn’t intentionally milk her woes, but she feels them deeply, and becomes understandably depressed. It’s not easy to be the only daughter in a Corleone family run by men.

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