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About Him

Living… in the basement of a large house that he shares with other vampires. They did forget where his room was in the house, though, so it’s not so much an active sharing situation.

Profession… office worker. What he does at the office isn’t as important as the existence of his coworkers. Colin calls the office his hunting grounds, because he feeds off the energy of his coworkers by either boring or irritating them to the extreme. His salary pays the rent on the house, which is why the other vampires let him stay.

Interests… showing up where he isn’t wanted, loudly sharpening pencils, talking to people. Colin has a powerful ability to talk about anything for hours, including car washes or measurement systems. It’s his primary way of getting food as an energy vampire. However, his boring interest in local government turns out to be crucial when the vampires are tasked with taking over Staten Island.

Relationship Status… single, until he meets a fellow energy vampire named Evie. Rather than irritating or boring people, Evie feeds off the pity people give her when she tells them sob stories. Colin is drawn to her, but is their relationship healthy?

Challenge… overcoming his roommate’s dislike of him. When they hold a meeting without him and claim it was to plan a surprise party for him, he immediately knows they’re lying, because they’ve never thought of giving him anything.

Personality… intelligent but annoying. When he’s not trying to feed, Colin has the most real-world knowledge out of any of the vampires, and he can even crack the occasional joke. Unfortunately, he does bore people right into unconsciousness when he is feeding, and is pretty gleeful about it too. Will anyone be able to see past the boring façade?

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