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Grew Up... in the slums. Cody had a hard life growing up on the rough streets of Metro City. However, training with his sparring partner and good friend Guy was always a pleasure.    

Living... in Metro City. Cody lives in Metro City, an urban wasteland full of violent gangs like Mad Gear.

Profession... prisoner. Due to his dangerous street fighting, which frequently involved using knives, Cody was sent to prison. This put a great strain on his relationships with loved ones.

Interests... amusing himself. Cody found prison life incredibly boring. So he would always look for ways to entertain himself, even if that meant causing a little trouble.

Relationship Status... in a relationship. Cody is dating Jessica, daughter of Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar. Fortunately, the intimidating Haggar approves of their relationship and even tasks Cody with rescuing Jessica after she is kidnapped.

Challenge... rescuing Jessica. Mayor Haggar promised to clean up Metro City after he was elected. But criminal gangs like Mad Gear weren’t happy about that. So to force Haggar into ignoring their illegal activities, they kidnapped his daughter Jessica. Now Cody and Guy must fight their way through the dangerous streets to rescue her.                                                                             

Personality... damaged and aloof. Cody has a good heart, but he is reckless and violent. His time in prison only made him more detached. As he says, “I’ve saved the city, saved the girl, but couldn’t save myself.” 

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