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The Big Chill

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Overview… a ballet enthusiast, unencumbered by the weight of the world. Chloe was dating an older man named Alex Marshall for four months until he committed suicide during their stay at a beach house on the South Carolina coast. Though she was the person who found him, she is unemotional at his funeral – she is mostly just disappointed she’s not allowed to ride in the limo. She spends the weekend after the funeral getting to know Alex’s old college friends.

Personality… nonchalant, wide-eyed, and somewhat oblivious. Chloe is prone to laughing at inappropriate moments and offering unsolicited non-sequiturs. Though a bit of an airhead, she is extremely knowledgeable in unexpected fields, such as the rules of football. She doesn’t talk much, but she is, as they say, always “down” – gung-ho, and utterly without pretense.  

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