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The Pope of Greenwich Village

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About Him

Living… paycheck to paycheck in Manhattan in the neighborhood of Greenwich Village. Charlie has grand ambitions for himself – and very expensive tastes – but he doesn’t have the bank account to match. He barely scrapes by.

Profession… former maître d’ at Sal’s Restaurant in Greenwich Village. Charlie was fired when his cousin Paulie, a waiter, was caught skimming checks. Now Charlie is broke and looking for work so that he can own a restaurant of his own some day.

Interests… listening to Frank Sinatra, collecting rings, and maintaining his hair. Charlie also likes to wear his tailored suits even though he has no job to wear them to.

Relationship Status… divorced. Charlie has to pay alimony to his ex-wife, Cookie, while supporting his pregnant girlfriend Diane. The women in his life are taking a toll on him financially. As he says, “I got two shylocks I gotta carry on my back, I got a marshal who wants to put a lean on my salary – when and if I get a salary – I got an ex-wife and I got a kid I gotta feed every week.”

Challenge… getting some cash. Luckily, he and Paulie have identified a get-rich quick scheme that involves a racehorse sired with sperm stolen from the winner of the Belmont. He plans to get the money to buy the racehorse by cracking a safe, but there is one small complication. The safe belongs to the Mafia godfather of Greenwich Village.

Personality… tough, ambitious, and stylish. Charlie is a hard-edged New York Italian with good taste. Despite his humble origins, he always insists on wearing the finest suits, the best ties and the softest pocket squares. You’ll never catch him without his hair combed back. He’s a dreamer who has an image of the life he is supposed to be living. 

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