Caroline Channing
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Caroline Channing

2 Broke Girls

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About Her

Grew up… in Manhattan’s high society. As the daughter of (formerly) wealthy businessman Martin Channing, Caroline is used to getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.

Living… in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after her father’s fall from grace. Martin Channing, it turns out, was at the top of a sinister ponzi scheme, and as a result he’s lost all of his money and been thrown in jail. This means that Caroline had to take a big step down: she moved to Brooklyn. The horror! 

Profession… waitress at the Williamsburg Diner. Caroline, for the first time in her life, has to work for a living. She’s so broke, she’s had to resort to waitressing to pay her way back into the high society from which she came. “And stop calling me spoiled!” she says. “Since I lost it all I’ve worked hard. I’ve cleaned toilets, I’ve killed rats.”

Interests… horses, designer clothes and haute cuisine. Caroline has a taste for the finer things in life. Unfortunately, she’s been reduced to the point where she gets excited over far less glamorous things. “Good news!” she tells her roommate and co-worker Max. “I just found $3 in my pocket, and a peanut M&M so we don’t have to spend money on dinner!”

Relationship Status… single. Caroline is very attractive but doesn’t have much time for a relationship right now. She’s trying hard enough just to stay alive.

Challenge… starting a business of her own so that she can make back the fortune that her father lost. Luckily, hew new friend Max has a talent for making cupcakes. Caroline wants to put her Wharton Business School education to use in order to take over New York’s cupcake industry. 

Personality… intelligent and beautiful, but sometimes her “blondeness” rears its head. Caroline has all of the charms and talents that a privileged girl should, but her lack of real-world street smarts often puts her in compromising positions. Fortunately she’s good-natured and determined enough to get out of most jams.

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