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Cameron Tucker

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About Him

Grew Up… on a farm in Missouri with his parents, Merle and Barb, and his older sister, Pam. Cam’s mother doted on him and still babies him when she gets the chance. Cam was very successful in most things he did growing up. He was a football star and an excellent farmhand (or so he was led to believe) and according to his mother had “the loudest pig call in the tri-county area.” As a result of this upbringing, Cam is somewhat theatrical and tends to place himself at the center of attention.

Living… with his fiancé Mitchell and daughter Lily in a nice suburb of Los Angeles.

Profession… stay-at-home dad. He looks after Lily, his and Mitchell’s adopted daughter. For now it’s a good arrangement because the super-nurturing Cam prefers to stay home with Lily during her first few years rather than work outside the home, while Mitchell feels the opposite. If Cam does return to work, it might be in his former job as a music teacher.

Interests… being a clown. No, really; Cam is a classically trained clown named Fizbo, and sometimes works parties and other events. Then again, what isn’t Cam interested in? Let him tell it: “I collect antique fountain pens. I’m quite adept at Japanese flower arrangement—ikebana—and I was a starting offensive lineman at the University of Illinois.” Yes, he’s a man of many passions.

Relationship Status… engaged to long-time partner Mitchell Pritchett. Cam and Mitchell balance each other well. Cam is the ideas man while Mitchell puts plans into effect; Cam is the dreamer, while Mitchell is practically minded. Cam might say Mitchell acts as a wet blanket, suppressing Cam’s passion, but ultimately Cam knows that Mitchell is good for him and vice versa.

Challenge… finding equilibrium with Mitchell as a partner and parent given their differences. At times Cam and Mitchell seem to work as opposing forces, which can upset Cam’s fragile sensibility, but they usually figure it out in the end.

Personality… talkative, sensitive, and instinctive. Cam follows his heart, and Mitchell his head. Cam offsets Mitchell’s straightforward deadpan with his occasionally outlandish campiness, saying things like, “If this were the ‘60’s, we would be ‘confirmed bachelors.’ And Lily would be a Yorkie!” Thank goodness for progress.

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