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Burt Chance

Raising Hope

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About Him

Grew Up… the son of third cousins, because getting drunk at a family gathering doesn’t lead to the best decision-making. Burt’s parents were very hard on him as a child, and often made it clear that they favored his brother.

Living… in the house of his wife’s grandmother, known as Maw Maw, along with his wife Virginia, son Jimmy, and granddaughter Hope. Burt moved in after Virginia gave birth to Jimmy when Burt and Virginia were both still in high school. Burt has developed a close relationship with Maw Maw, and he often helps takes care of her after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Profession… pool cleaner and landscaper. Burt is known for harmlessly flirting with his female clients, often without even realizing it, and he never means for anything to ever go any farther. Burt loves when his son, Jimmy, comes to work for him, but Jimmy’s not as fond of pool work as his father.

Relationship Status… married to his high school sweetheart, Virginia. He married Virginia at her bedside while she was in labor. Though their relationship hasn’t been easy, Burt has always been faithful to his wife. 

Challenge… making sure Hope doesn’t grow up to be a serial killer like her mother. When Burt first met Jimmy’s one-night stand, Lucy, he found her charming. After they found out Lucy was a serial killer, Burt became terrified of his own judgment, and worries that he won’t realize if Hope begins developing evil, violent tendencies. Though to be frank, Burt is right to distrust his judgment.

Personality… loyal, clueless, and optimistic. Burt loves his family more than anything and wants to take care of them, even though he doesn’t always know how. Burt has always wanted a closer relationship with Jimmy, and has sometimes manipulated his son in an attempt to keep their relationship from changing. 

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