Bull Randleman
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Bull Randleman

Band of Brothers

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About Him

Grew up… down south in Arkansas. Bull is a good ol’ boy. Even though he’s lived all over the United States, he still retains his southern drawl.

Living… in occupied Europe. Bull is, like any good soldier, living as if he were already dead. The only way to be brave on the frontline is to act as if you’ve got nothing to lose.

Profession… Sergeant in Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. Bull is one of the best paratroopers that this company has ever seen. He rose through the ranks quickly, and was promoted to the commander of the third squad. “Never did like this company none,” he says sarcastically. He actually loves his men, and they return the sentiment.

Interests… cigars. You’ll never catch Bull without a cigar between his teeth. His trademark stogie matches his strong, round build. They call him “Bull” for a reason.

Challenge… surviving the war. Bull, even during training, found himself in sticky situations. He was the first person in Easy Company to question the leadership of Captain Sobel, an incompetent commander whose harsh training bordered on abuse. As Bull wondered aloud: “Well, how come we’re the only [company] marching every Friday night, twelve miles, full pack, in the pitch dark?” Later, in Europe, Bull is trapped alone in a German-occupied village and must figure out a way to escape.

Personality… sweet, yet tough. Bull’s endearing Southern accent highlights his kindness, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not a brutal, ruthless solider when necessary on the battlefield. He’s skilled with weapons and possesses a keen mind for military tactics. His fellow soldiers are very glad Bull is with them rather than against them, because he’d be a fearsome enemy – as he is to the Nazis.

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