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Bob Pinciotti

That '70s Show

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About Him

Grew up… at the height of hippie culture in the 1960s. Bob is an advocate for love and peace. He tends to be very open about his sexuality, even in front of his daughter, Donna. He once told her, “Oh, and honey, we’re also exploring tantric sex. So if you hear any strange noises coming form Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom…

Living… in Wisconsin with all of the embarrassing (in retrospect) fads of the 1970s. Bob and his wife Midge sport classic ‘70s looks; Bob’s permed hair and polyester leisure suits are highlights. Their gaudy tastes often embarrass Donna, as does Bob’s habit of walking around the house with his robe open and nothing underneath.

Profession… owner and manager of Bargain Bob’s, where he sells home appliances to the residents of Point Place, Wis.

Interests… his banjo. Bob has a strange obsession with the instrument. He likes to use it for music, of course, but also for other things. He even suggests using it as a weapon, if a perilous situation were ever to arise. Bob is also interested in nudity; he and Midge are nudists and regularly host nudist parties.

Relationship Status… married to Midge Pinciotti. The two were high school sweethearts and got married when Midge became pregnant with their first child, Valerie. (Or maybe it was when they got pregnant with Donna; nobody’s heard any mention of Valerie in a while and it’s possible she never really existed.)

Challenge… taking care of his children, even though they constantly write him off as an embarrassment. As he puts it, “The problem is, you know there’s a point where your kids realize you can’t do nothing to control them.”

Personality… easy-going and agreeable, if a bit soft. Bob is an odd match for his Navy veteran neighbor, Red Forman, who can’t stand when Bob talks about his stint in the National Guard. While the crusty Red promotes the idea of tough love, Bob tries to convince him that “a kick in the ass isn’t the solution to everything.” Red regularly insults Bob, who takes it all good-naturedly. In fact, nobody takes Bob all that seriously, but he’s not going to let that – or anything else – keep him from enjoying life.

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