Black Star

Black Star

    Soul Eater

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as a survivor of the Star Clan, which was wiped out for their evil deeds by the very organization that raised him. Black Star doesn’t seem to have inherited his ancestors' greed, but he's still chosen to follow in the family tradition of becoming a ninja assassin.

Living... at the Death Meister Weapon Academy, where he “studies” as a weapon meister alongside his weapon partner, Tsubaki. Black Star doesn’t take the whole school thing very seriously, as he is certain he is already strong enough to eventually “surpass god” if he keeps training in his own style.

Profession... student, weapon meister, and “assassin who resides and moves with the dark.” Notably, he fails at all of these things, with his lack of academic achievement rivaling only his inability understand the concept of stealth: generally, assassins don't alert their enemies, “I'm the great Black Star, I've come to assassinate you!” He is trying though, and for this, Tsubaki respects him.

Interests... becoming the next “big” thing. Black Star insists that in life “the main character is ME,” and wants everyone to know that. He looks for opportunities to show off to as many people as possible whenever he can, even if– no, especially if– it would be unsafe.

Relationship Status... single. And with an ego as big as Black Star’s, it's doubtful that anyone could meet his standards– or want to. Tsubaki does have a deep respect for him and his friends know that he Black Star “not just all talk,” but he can be hard to get along with.

Challenge... to surpass God, both in terms of power and fame. To do so, he plans to first get the attention of Death himself by gathering 99 corrupted human souls and one witch soul Tsubaki into a Death Weapon. But it's not Black Star’s ultimate goal, and while he understands Tsubaki's desire to succeed, he won’t let collecting souls get in the way of gaining attention.

Personality... outwardly, an attention-seeking, arrogant egotist. And that's pretty much what he's like on the inside, too. The difference being that deep inside, there is a capable meister with a strong self-imposed moral code and stronger attachments to his friends. Too bad, then, that his ego often tends to be simply larger.


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