Bender Bending Rodriguez

Bender Bending Rodriguez

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... as a robot in New New York in the 31st Century, a city with pneumatic tubes instead of subways, and a Suicide Booth on every corner. He shares an apartment with his co-worker Philip Fry, whom he keeps up at night by talking in his sleep, whispering: “Kill all humans, kill all humans.”

Profession... member of the Planet Express delivery crew and former industrial bending robot. He was programmed to bend steel to make suicide booths but eventually transcended his design, as hard as that is for him. Combing a passion for homicide with a penchant for theft, Bender is incapable of going anywhere without inciting some kind of incident. He works for a delivery service but if he drops off your package you’re likely to end up with less stuff. Not to mention his “kill all humans” thing. Talk about a hostile work environment.

Interests… alcohol, to the point where one could perhaps call him an alcoholic. At least you could if his machinery wasn't literally fueled by booze. Bender also enjoys gambling and stealing, and says, "I've always wanted to break into gooning."

Relationship Status...  a single womanizer. Bender loves human and robot women alike, and has no interest in a long-term relationship. He'd rather enjoy the porn on his hard drive and frequent flings with hookerbots.

Challenge... looking out for Number One. He doesn't care about his friends and plans to "kill all humans" one day. So when he's off on a delivery with the Planet Express crew, he's more interested in stealing whatever he can than delivering merchandise. Or, when things go wrong, saving lives.        

Personality... narcissistic, loud-mouthed, aggressive, and yet oddly lovable. Despite his countless attempts to destroy the Planet Express ship and everyone on board, the gang can't help but enjoy having him around. Even when things get tense, it's fun having a fire-burping robot around to yell, "Bite my shiny, metal [butt]."


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