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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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Grew Up… among the Moors. Raised a Muslim, Azeem was accustomed to daily prayer, rolling out a rug and bowing toward Mecca every day. A deeply religious man, he continues to pray to this day, even when his compatriots are in danger.

Living… with Robin Hood, wherever Robin may go. Azeem was captured in Jerusalem and sentenced to death, but Robin Hood – there due to the Crusades – saved him from certain death. Now owing Robin his life, Azeem vows to serve him until he can repay Robin by saving his life in return. However, Azeem also says, “I will fulfill my vows when I choose.” Although turbulent England provides Azeem with many opportunities to aid Robin, Azeem is resolute in waiting until the time is right.  

Profession… serving Robin. Azeem has given his life entirely to Robin Hood and will do whatever Robin tells him – within reason. Although a guard to Robin, Azeem will fight only when the time is right.

Interests… Islam, life vows, freedom, and telescopes. A man of the world, Azeem's wisdom helps Robin and his allies in many situations.

Relationship Status… single. As he tells Robin, “where I come from, Christian, there are women of such beauty, that they can possess a man's mind so that he would be willing to die for them.” In fact, it was due to one such woman that Azeem was originally sentenced to death – though Azeem doesn’t really want to admit it.

Challenge… fulfilling his vow to Robin Hood. Although Azeem feels that his debt will be paid if he saves Robin’s life, he also waits for the perfect opportunity to do so, passing up some occasions while rising quickly to others.

Personality… pious, daunting, and wise. Referred to as the “colored man" because of his dark skin, Azeem sticks out like a sore thumb in England, where he is the recipient of both racism and curiosity. For the most part, however, Azeem comports himself with dignity in this strange land. When one young girl asks, “did God paint you?” Azeem tells her, “for certain. Because Allah loves wondrous varieties.”

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