Arthur Spooner
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Arthur Spooner

The King of Queens

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About Him

Living... with his daughter, Carrie, and her husband, Doug, ever since he accidentally burned down his house. They threw him in the basement to create a boundary, and also because he’s so loud he needs to be as far away as possible from their upstairs bedroom.

Profession... retired, which Arthur feels is a license to spend his days complaining. Before he stopped working and moved in with the Heffernans, he had a handful of jobs, including actor, soldier and salesman.

Interests… get-rich-quick schemes, ranting, and politics. He’ll go off on the state of America or exactly what’s wrong with Halloween to anyone who lends him an ear. Doug and Carrie hire a dog walker to take him on her walks to give him someone to vent to.

Relationship Status... divorced and widowed by a total of four women. His first wife, Sophia, was the love of his life, but she passed away when Carrie was 15. When his third wife passes away that he’s forced to fend for himself.

Challenge... not being a burden on his daughter and son-in-law, though they care more about this than he does. In a more general sense, every day life is a challenge for Arthur. Simple things like coming across a moist towelette can drive him nuts, with the potential to ruin the rest of his day.                                                                                 

Personality... eccentric, distrusting, grumpy, and opinionated. He’s very particular about his living situation, which is only a problem because the house isn’t his. He prides himself on his outspoken views and strong stances on issues, but many see this as childish rather than sophisticated. In the circle of life, Arthur has come back around to being the baby of his family.

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