Anika Calhoun
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Anika Calhoun


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About Her

Grew Up...with a debutante for a mother and a doctor for a father.

Living... in New York, in Lucious Lyon's mansion. Anika is Lucious’ live-in girlfriend.

Profession... head of A&R (talent scouting) at hip-hop powerhouse Empire Entertainment. Call it special treatment given that Lucious is the CEO, but Anika's acquired artists are always prioritized at Empire, regardless of their cost to the music label. Perhaps it's well deserved: Anika oversees nine of the top acts at Empire, and has many connections that help keep the label prosperous.

Interests... sparring with Cookie, Lucious’ ex-wife. The moment that Cookie comes back home from serving time in prison for drug dealing, Anika feels (understandably) threatened. Anika remains as dignified as possible, but the fiery and outspoken Cookie can bring out the worst in anyone.

Relationship Status... dating Lucious, and quite seriously. However, Lucious is something of a philanderer, although it's not apparent if Anika knows. What's undeniable, however, is the ongoing chemistry between Lucious and Cookie, which threatens to break up Lucious and Anika.

Challenge... retaining control over the “Cookie” situation that is upending Anika's life, both personally and professionally. Unafraid of playing a little dirty, Anika is willing – but perhaps not always able – to fight back against Cookie. She doesn't respond when Cookie nicknames her “Boo-Boo Kitty” or throws a slew of insults her way, but she quietly gets in her quips, such as when she introduces Cookie to a pair of esteemed producers as someone who is “visiting from prison.”

Personality... loyal, intelligent, and refined, but willing to get rough. When Lucious reveals to her that he's sick with ALS, Anika stands by his side and seeks out solutions immediately. When Cookie returns to Empire, Anika handles it graciously despite their occasional verbal sparring. But when Cookie finally dares to confront her, Anika has no problem reminding Cookie that she is more than what she seems: “Do you know what a debutante is?... A ho’ who can slice your throat without disturbing her pearls.”

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