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Grew his brothers' shadow, desperate for his father's love. Always ready and willing to protect Lucious Lyon, a young Andre once stashed a gun for his father in his Lego box, and one can't help but wonder how far Andre will still go for Lucious.

Living... with his wife, Rhonda, in New York City.

Profession... CFO of Empire Entertainment, his father’s company. Empire means everything to Andre – after all, he graduated from Wharton Business School and worked hard so that he could one day control Empire. Even Lucious admits, “Your whole life is Empire.” That doesn't mean Lucious will allow Andre to run it, however. It doesn’t help Andre’s case that he suffers from bipolar disorder.

Interests... plotting with his wife and taking care of Empire's finances. Often citing that he's too busy to hang out with his brothers, Andre can often be found in the company of his wife or at Empire... or talking to his wife about Empire.

Relationship Status... married to Rhonda. Though he and his wife appear to have somewhat of an open relationship. After all, Andre feels he has to use his every... talent... to usurp his brothers Jamal and Hakeen and run the family business.

Challenge... proving to his father that he is fit to run Empire. For the bipolar Andre, that challenge is more difficult that it might first seem given his education and drive. It's quite clear that both his mother, Cookie, and his father love his musically inclined brothers more than him, and Andre is vocal about this: “[Lucious] always loved them more than me. Even Jamal, who he hates.” Thus, Andre constantly struggles to prove his worth despite having done so time and time again. 

Personality... reserved, haughty, and easily manipulated. Andre is riddled with insecurity from his childhood, and even his fancy degree and his success cannot mask his need for approval, especially from his father. Unfortunately, that's what makes Andre so vulnerable to the machinations of others – whether it's his well-meaning but conniving wife or his flat-out evil father. Coupled with his disorder, his vulnerability makes him a danger to others and himself.

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