Amy March

Amy March

    Little Women

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... mostly contentedly, in Concord, Massachusetts. Her loving mother Marmee runs the household while Mr. March is away serving for the Union Army in the Civil War. Amy is also watched over by her three older sisters, romantic Meg, rebellious Jo, and shy Beth. At just 12 years old, Amy is the baby of her family and often acts like it.

Profession... student. Amy attends the local school, where she’s more focused on gaining popularity than practicing her studies.

Interests... painting, drawing, sculpting, and anything artistic. Amy also spends a lot of time obsessing over her snub nose and sleeps with a clothespin on it every night to try to reshape it into a stately Roman one.

Relationship Status... still just a kid. However, even at a young age, Amy dreams of living a fairy tale life as a wealthy married woman.

Challenge... growing up. Amy has big goals for her life. As she puts it, “I have ever so many wishes, but the pet one is to be an artist, and go to Rome, and do fine pictures, and be the best artist in the whole world.” She tries to adopt the mannerisms and vocabulary of a wealthy, well-to-do woman, sometimes to hilarious results. At first she just wants to be pretty, popular, and pampered, but as she grows Amy begins to realize there’s more to being a true gentlewoman than just status. While nurturing her artistic dreams, Amy strives to embody selfless virtues of generosity, maturity, and kindness.

Personality... artistic, ambitious, and self-centered. As the youngest child in a big family, Amy is a little bit spoiled. She tends to be indulged by Marmee, Meg, and Beth, although tempestuous Jo keeps her in check. Amy’s prone to melodrama and selfishness and can lash out at others when they slight her. But she also has a core of ambition that will serve her well in life. Amy blends her naturally artistic spirit with a sense of practicality. She wants to lead the best life she can with the cards she’s been dealt.


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