Character Recommendations Based on Cronus Ampora

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier Captain America: The First Avenger

He used to be a good-hearted American soldier. Now he's the cold-hearted Winter Soldier

Jesse Tuck Tuck Everlasting

He dreams of finding someone to join his unusual family

Jack Harkness Doctor Who

A dedicated hedonist who appreciates raunchy stories, stiff drinks, and excellent bottoms

Spike Spiegel Cowboy Bebop

A bounty-hunter with a laidback style and lightning-quick moves

Carrie White Carrie

Skittish and reserved but ready to make a big statement

Liv Moore iZombie

Sarcastic high-achiever turned morally conflicted zombie

Faye Valentine Cowboy Bebop

This opportunistic fugitive-turned-bounty-hunter uses both grit and her good looks to get ahead

Mr. Robot Mr. Robot

He always seems to know what to do when others are lost. But can he be trusted?

Romeo Montague Romeo & Juliet

He'll go to any lengths for love

Rick Sanchez Rick and Morty

Gruff, alcoholic mad scientist, with the emphasis on "mad"