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About Him

Grew Up… on an alternate Alternia. In the new universe created by the actions of John Egbert and company, Eridan's ancestor, the legendary Orphaner Dualscar, is reincarnated as... an aspiring artist.

Living… as a ghost. The post-Scratch universe, it turns out, was no more successful than the pre-Scratch session, and Cronus and his friends are currently hanging around as ghosts.

Profession… aspiring poet and musician. Even dying can't suppress Cronus's artistic ambitions, and he's frequently asking others to listen to his newest masterpieces.

Interests… music, poetry, and humans. While Cronus used to be big on magic, his current obsession is humanity, with Cronus claiming to be a human trapped in the body of a troll. He's especially fond of 1950s human culture, though he's not quite sure why.

Relationship Status… single, though not by choice. Despite being inimitably datable, Cronus is still tragically trying to fill his quadrants. Honestly, it's almost as if other trolls can't appreciate "a guy vwhos sensitivwe, and listens to people, and sticks to his poetry and music, and i guess... just someone vwho tries to be there for them."

Challenge… gaining love and recognition. Despite his best efforts, Cronus can't seem to impress anyone, be they potential crushes, friends, or strangers. It's a galling situation to be in, especially when he makes such an effort to be relatable: "i barely EVWER evwen bring up my high social status. it couldnt be LESS of a big deal to me."

Personality… hypocritical. Cronus likes to think "im a cool enough cat if you get to know me," but practically no one else agrees. Pretentious, passive-aggressive, and self-pitying, Cronus can be incredibly petty to those he dislikes.

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