Most Popular Characters

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System Shock

This AI's acronym should stand for She Hates Or Destroys All Nature

Suicide Squad

He's equally skilled at tossing boomerangs and tossing back beers

Diego Hargreeves
The Umbrella Academy

A life spent as "Number Two" is bound to give you an inferiority complex

Benoit Blanc
Knives Out

He's Sherlock with Southern charm, and a mysterious benefactor

Connor Walsh
How to Get Away with Murder

He's arrogant enough to think he's the smartest guy in the room, and quick-witted enough to prove that he is

King Schultz
Django Unchained

About as color-blind as a man of his era can be

Enid Coleslaw
Ghost World

Cynical, judgmental, hipper-than-thou teen who wears her outsider status like a badge of honor

Alison Hendrix
Orphan Black

A soccer mom who's less put together than she'd like to admit

Jenny Flint
Doctor Who

Devoted wife and daring crime fighter, which is pretty unconventional for a Victorian maid

Chris Chambers
Stand By Me

"Kids lose everything unless there's someone there to look out for them."