Most Popular Characters

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Andy Dufresne
The Shawshank Redemption

Jail hasn't broken his spirit, but will his spirit help break him out of jail?


To be or not to be? This melancholy Dane is seriously considering the question

James Gordon
The Dark Knight

A stalwart police officer dedicated to serving his city

Piper Chapman
Orange Is The New Black

A Westchester WASP who somehow ended up in prison. They say prison can change you…

The Child
The Mandalorian

A 50-year-old baby on a dangerous mission

Ron Stallworth

A trailblazing police officer with laser-focused determination

Alaska Young
Looking for Alaska

You'll never get her—that's the whole point

Golden Sun

A virtuous hero skilled in Earth magic

Edward Scissorhands

A free-spirited girl who doesn't judge by appearances

Carlisle Cullen

This bloodsucker's actually more likely to give you a blood infusion