Most Popular Characters

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Eggsy Unwin
Kingsman: The Secret Service

Success means joining Kingsman, and failure could mean death.

Ann Perkins
Parks and Recreation

A compassionate nurse and a loyal friend

Kevin Khatchadourian
We Need to Talk About Kevin

Disturbed, affect-less teen on a dark path

Poussey Washington
Orange Is The New Black

A former army brat who loves to read and loves her friends


Sometimes being a supportive girlfriend doesn't work out too well

Victor Frankenstein

Can create life, so he's pretty awesome if he says so himself

Roxie Hart

She can shoot for the stars even from behind bars

King Schultz
Django Unchained

About as color-blind as a man of his era can be


Murph is inquisitive, compassionate, and stubborn, with a passion for science she shares with her dad

Blue is the Warmest Color

Intelligent Adele is soft spoken yet brimming with emotion