Most Popular Characters

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Sophia Burset
Orange Is The New Black

A stylist talented enough, she'll make you look good even in prison

April Kepner
Grey's Anatomy

A good doctor and a good Christian

Waylon Smithers
The Simpsons

Would do anything for his boss, and would love to do a few things *to* him

Mike Hannigan

Lawyer-turned-pianist who loves to tap into his kooky side


Although she is underestimated, Lagertha never fails to prove her worth as both a warrior and a mother

Kitty Forman
That '70s Show

Warm and caring, Kitty acts like a mom towards all of her kids' friends

Jeff Winger

Jeff thinks he's too cool for school, which is a problem because he just enrolled in community college

Ianto Jones

His withdrawn nature conceals his emotional pain

Mercedes Jones

A self-proclaimed diva on the hunt for a stage worthy of her talents