Most Popular Characters

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Ragnar Lothbrok

Blood-thirsty warrior on the battlefield. Dedicated family-man at home

Connor Walsh
How to Get Away with Murder

He's arrogant enough to think he's the smartest guy in the room, and quick-witted enough to prove that he is

Derek Shepherd
Grey's Anatomy

A talented and passionate neurosurgeon. Some people call him McDreamy

Theon Greyjoy
Game of Thrones

Although Theon is treated well, he's still essentially a hostage. And that isn't so easy for him to forgive

Jessica Jones

Think domineering, abusive boyfriend. Then, add in the power of mind control

Game of Thrones

A powerful priestess, shrouded in mystery and lots of red

Randy Marsh
South Park

Geologist and Nobel Prize winner who's into binge drinking, starting riots, the Food Network, and P.F. Chang’s

Alison Hendrix
Orphan Black

A soccer mom who's less put together than she'd like to admit

Jenny Flint
Doctor Who

Devoted wife and daring crime fighter, which is pretty unconventional for a Victorian maid

Waylon Smithers
The Simpsons

Would do anything for his boss, and would love to do a few things *to* him