Most Popular Characters

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Addison Montgomery
Grey's Anatomy

A talented OBGYN trying to figure out this whole love and marriage thing

Zoe Washburne

A cool head, a sharp eye, and a loyal heart

Pinky and the Brain

Are you thinking what he's thinking? The correct answer is world domination

Stan Marsh
South Park

Fourth grader who is the ladies man of his classroom

Winston Bishop
New Girl

Sweet, thoughtful, and a little oblivious, Winston is above all a loyal friend

Callie Torres
Grey's Anatomy

Breaking bones and hearts, and piecing them back together

The Child
The Mandalorian

A 50-year-old baby on a dangerous mission

Jamie Fraser

A noble warrior with a romantic heart

David Nolan
Once Upon a Time

A noble fairy tale prince with the heart of a hero, regardless of whether he can remember his past or not

Piper Halliwell

The most kind and caring Charmed One