Most Popular Characters

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Jasper Jordan
The 100

Trying his best to make it through the night

Erin Hannon
The Office

Relentlessly cheerful and optimistic, if dim, office receptionist

North Italy
Axis Powers Hetalia

"That's an easy one, sir! Surrender immediately, form an alliance, kiss their butts, sing, eat and go to bed"

Axis Powers Hetalia

"Ah, England, France, and America fighting again. These lands of Europe, they like fighting so very much."

Wolfgang Bogdanow

Berlin-based locksmith by day, world-class thief by night

Andy Bernard
The Office

Preppy Cornell grad who's very likely to break into an acapella performance

Taystee Jefferson
Orange Is The New Black

Always down for a laugh and to help a friend out

Adrian Monk

Driven by obsession and anxiety, Monk bravely overcomes, or at least battles, his fears to help the world

Toby Cavanaugh
Pretty Little Liars

Has trouble avoiding being manipulated

Hoban Washburne

He shows you can be a hotshot space pilot *and* play with dinosaurs