Most Popular Characters

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Chuckie Finster

A scaredy-cat baby afraid of everything from clowns to closets, unless his best friend's by his side

Norman Bates
Bates Motel

Despite his typically kind and shy personality, Norman's also prone to occasional violent outbursts

Omar Little
The Wire

A brutal stick-up man with a strong moral code and a magnetic personality

Luke Danes
Gilmore Girls

The guy who serves you coffee and is always there to help out

Axis Powers Hetalia

"I know my ideas are best because otherwise I kill them."

James Wilson
House M.D.

A compassionate doctor who willingly plays the sidekick

Jack Pearson
This Is Us

For Jack, the best thing about having triplets is giving three times the love

Rachel Goldberg

Brilliant and a little manipulative – but it helps her produce good TV

Erin Hannon
The Office

Relentlessly cheerful and optimistic, if dim, office receptionist