Most Popular Characters

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Sydney Bristow

Kick-ass double agent on a mission for revenge

Cat Grant

She gets what she wants—a piping hot latte or an interview with Supergirl

Jennifer Jareau
Criminal Minds

Often the one to deliver bad news to the families of victims

The Witcher

Anywhere there's adventure, Jaskier is there to write a catchy song about it

Mobile Suit Gundam Series

Fearful, but with the inner strength to protect those he cares for

Cookie Monster
Sesame Street

C is for cookie, and that's more than good enough for him

Sue Sylvester

A sardonic gym teacher with a sadistic streak

Tina Cohen-Chang

A shy loner who becomes a fierce performer on stage

Ziva David

In her world, you grow up fast—you have no choice

Erlich Bachman
Silicon Valley

Overconfident wannabe mentor blowing all types of smoke around the tech industry