Most Popular Characters

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Hoban Washburne

He shows you can be a hotshot space pilot *and* play with dinosaurs

Lux Lisbon
The Virgin Suicides

Relishing the power that her sexuality grants her

George Bailey
It's A Wonderful Life

This adventurous dreamer always winds up putting other people's dreams first

Stan Marsh
South Park

Fourth grader who is the ladies man of his classroom

Ready Player One

This smart, spunky, incredibly skilled gamer has a revolutionary spirit

Meg March
Little Women

Finding it so dreadful to be poor

Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting

A working class janitor with a world-class mind, Will is cocky, brash, and combative about his future

Maria Elena
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

A mercurial artist with a free spirit and a hot temper

Arthur Curry / Aquaman

An Atlantean king with the spirit of a surfer bro