Most Popular Characters

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Abhorsen Series

Smart enough to understand the dangers that await her and brave enough to face them anyway

Caleb Rivers
Pretty Little Liars

A bad boy with a good reason for acting out

Lil Z
City of God

Sadistic sociopath helping make the City of God slum a Hell on Earth

August "Auggie" Pullman

He's a true wonder depite what some classmates say

Mrs. Robinson
The Graduate

Yes, she's an "older" woman, but that just makes her sexier and more seductive

Basil Hallward
Dorian Gray

Dominated, soul, brain, and power by Dorian

Jesse Aarons
Bridge to Terabithia

His frustration can only find outlet in another world

Captain Hook
Peter Pan

A cruel pirate who still fancies himself a gentleman

Mr. Fox
Fantastic Mr. Fox

"If what I think is happening is happening, it better not be."

Neil McCormick
Mysterious Skin

Can you be reckless and still be in control? Neil hopes so