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Grew Up... in Philadelphia. Zoey was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the early ‘90s and was raised by her parents Wade and Carolyn. However, after her parents got divorced, the family situation became tenser.

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. An apocalyptic virus has turned Pennsylvania, and possibly the entire world, into one big zombie nightmare. Zoey is one of a handful of survivors who are immune to the virus. But considering the carnage around her, that doesn’t necessarily make her fortunate.

Profession... college student. Zoey had a film scholarship at Aldrich, but she was also kind of a slacker and her grades suffered. This caused many arguments between her and her parents.

Interests... horror movies. Zoey used her film major as an excuse to skip classes and watch movies instead for “research.” Horror movies – from slasher flicks to alien abduction movies to, ironically enough, zombie movies – were her favorites.

Relationship Status... single. Zoey was just starting out in college when the apocalypse happened, so she didn’t get to make many new friends. However, she does have a slightly flirtatious relationship with fellow survivor Louis.

Challenge... surviving. Zoey and the other survivors have no choice but to try and hang on for as long as they can against the zombie hordes around them. Every resource is precious and safety is never guaranteed. Fortunately, thanks to the training she received from her police officer father, at least Zoey can handle a gun.  

Personality... angst-filled. Zoey personally watched her mother turn into a zombie and mercy-killed her own father to prevent him from turning as well. This has caused her a lot of grief, especially since her father might have been immune, and she wished she could apologize for all their previous arguments. Now she is dedicated to helping her fellow survivors. As she says, “No one left behind, right?”

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