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Zoe Washburne


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Grew up… “vesselside,” a slang term that means Zoë was born onboard a spaceship, in 2484. Nothing else is known about her childhood.

Living… onboard Malcolm Reynolds's space ship the Serenity, with her husband Hoban Washburne, (known simply as Wash) and six other crew members. The Serenity never stays in one place for long, and drifts from planet to planet in search of work.

Profession… first mate onboard the Serenity. Zoë began her life as a soldier for the Browncoats, and first met Malcolm Reynolds when she served under him during the War of Unification. During their two and a half years serving together they came to trust each other – a bond that was deepened after the Battle of Serenity Valley, which claimed the lives of everyone in Mal’s platoon except for Zoë. Even after the war came to an end she continued to struggle against the Alliance, joining a terrorist group called the “Dustdevils,” that was determined to end the Alliance’s rule. But eventually Zoë realized that the fight was unwinnable, and made her way back to Malcolm Reynolds. A soldier through and through, Zoë pulls her weight on the crew with a mixture of combat expertise, fearlessness, and tactical shrewdness.

Interests… scraping out a living on the fringes of space. Zoë spent most her life fighting for planetary independence, causing her husband to refer to her as “warrior woman.” Between maintaining a happy marriage in space and keeping her friends alive, Zoë isn’t left with a lot of time to cultivate other interests – but she and Wash have begun to talk about starting a family.

Relationship status… married to the eccentric pilot of the Serenity, Hoban Washburne. They married within a year of Zoë coming on board. Despite the constant stress of living onboard the Serenity, the couple is happy and stable. Zoë is the more aggressive and dominant of the two, while Wash is easy-going and humorous. They are opposites, but complementary, and love each other dearly.

Challenge… keeping herself and her friends alive as they take on some of the most dangerous jobs in the galaxy. Zoë is one of the most level-headed and stable members of the crew, and has carved out a life that is genuinely happy and conventional amongst the constant chaos of the smugglers’ adventurers.

Personality… calm, confident, and dependable. Zoë is an ideal first mate. She is fiercely loyal to Mal and the crew, and there is no doubt that she is willing to risk her life to protect anyone on the ship. While not a jokester, she possesses a dry sense of humor and is genuinely amused by Wash’s eccentricities. At once cautious and fearless, she is the head to Malcolm Reynolds’ heart and tempers the more extreme emotions of much of the crew. Whether you’re headed into a bar-room brawl or a three week space battle – there are few better people to have at your side than the intrepid Zoë Washburne.

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