Zoe Benson

Zoe Benson

    American Horror Story
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… thinking she was normal. It takes a special and disastrous night with her boyfriend to reveal her exceptional lineage. Her life as she knows it is then uprooted, and she is sent to a boarding school far from home to learn more about her powers. 

Living… at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies in New Orleans. That’s after she was whisked away one morning by an eccentric red-haired woman and two cronies. Now she’s living in a huge, historic mansion with three other girls her age who are all witches in training – something Zoe didn’t think existed.

Profession… student of witchcraft. Zoe is the newest student, in fact, at the Academy. She’s curious, passionate, and eager to learn as much as she can – which can get her into trouble sometimes.

Relationship Status… very recently single. Her gift is – you guessed it – also her curse and brings her relationship to an untimely end. Zoe wonders if she should ever date again, saying, “The world isn't safe for a girl like me, but maybe I'm not safe for the world either." That doesn’t stop her from flirting, though.

Challenge… confronting and understanding her newfound powers and identity. Her arrival coincides with return of Supreme Witch Fiona Goode and the brewing of something wicked, forcing Zoe to learn quickly – often, by getting her hands dirty. A rivalry quickly develops with Madison Montgomery, a former teen star in Hollywood and another student at the Academy, complicating matters and often keeping Zoe from her own soul-searching.

Personality… driven and caring, with a sense of humor. For instance, in a defining moment, she tells fellow student Queenie to, “witch up!” On the surface, Zoe appears to be just the girl-next-door. But, when the pressure’s on, she proves to be a born leader and the possessor of exceptional talents. 


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