Zhou Yu
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Zhou Yu

Red Cliff

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About Him

Living… in uncertain times. In 208 CE, the Han dynasty is crumbling into factions, and chaos reigns. Living under the rule of warlord Sun Quan in the state of Wu, Zhou finds the kingdom under attack from the power-hungry General Cao Cao from the northern Han Empire. A well-off man, Zhou Yu stands to lose his beautiful home and wife is Cao Cao wins.

Visiting… Red Cliff, where Zhou Yu and his comrades plan to meet Cao Cao in battle. The combined army of Liu Bei and Sun Quan have strategically camped out near the cliff, and now they must wait for Cao Cao's forces to arrive.

Profession… viceroy of Eastern Wu and one of the leaders of the southerners. Zhou Yu is in charge of leading the main military force and for good reason: his skill is matched by few others.

Interests… practicing the guqin, sword dancing, and a good game of “Pitch Pot." Zhou Yu may be studious, but he also has an appreciation for art and games.

Relationship Status… married to beautiful Xiao Qiao, who is newly pregnant with their first child. They are very close. Zhou Yu lets her know about his work as viceroy and war general, and she reads his war books to understand him better.

Challenge… stopping General Cao Cao's campaign. However, with only tens of thousands of soldiers to go up against the hundreds of thousands in Cao Cao's army, Zhou Yu will need one hell of a strategy to win. Luckily, he’s got some sharp minds on his side, and his enemy's numbers are making him dangerously overconfident...

Personality… serious, intelligent, and focused, but with a hidden romantic side. Zhou Yu takes everything he does seriously, especially his job: “War is no joking matter." And quite right he is, too. However, he does have a soft spot for his wife, whom he loves dearly.

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