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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… “camper” at a juvenile detention facility out in the desert. At Camp Green Lake, everyone gets a nickname, and Hector Zeroni gets tagged with “Zero.” That says a lot about what the other people at the camp think of him. Though even the counselors claim he doesn’t have any brains, he’s quiet because he doesn’t want to communicate with the bullies around him. Zero’s had a difficult life, and he stays under the radar until he can figure out a way to escape from this hell.

Personality… quiet, street-wise, and determined. Zero keeps his cards close to his chest, and doesn’t trust easily. He’s not afraid to strike out on his own, because he’s always relied on himself. When he starts to make friends with fellow camper Stanley, it might be the first time he’s ever been able to open up to someone.


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