Zero Moustafa
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Zero Moustafa

The Grand Budapest Hotel

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About Him

Grew Up… in a war-torn country. Zero says his father was murdered and the rest of his “family were executed by firing squad.” Survivors “were forced to flee,” and that is how Zero ended up in Zubrowka.

Living… in the Grand Budapest Hotel. He is the new lobby boy, and couldn’t be more proud of his new job. He wants to be the best possible lobby boy, and with the help of the devoted concierge, Monsieur Gustave H., Zero has a good chance of being the best.

Profession… lobby boy at The Grand Budapest Hotel. Gustave H. describes the position thusly: “A lobby boy is completely invisible yet always in sight… A lobby boy anticipates the client’s needs before they are needed.” Zero commits all of Gustave H.’s words to memory and works harder than anyone else at The Grand Budapest. Unfortunately Gustave H. is very demanding on a professional level as well as a personal level. Then when a guest of the Grand Budapest, Madame D., dies mysteriously, it forces Gustave H. and Zero into a long and confusing search for the truth.

Interests… Agatha. Zero meets and quickly falls in love with the girl who works at Mendl’s bakery. Luckily, Agatha is a charming and bright girl, who will come in handy when things become desperate.  

Relationship Status… engaged. Zero quickly asks Agatha to marry him, and she says yes. Zero even begins writing poetry about her, taking after Gustave H. Such as: “’Twas first light when I saw her face upon the heath…”

Challenge… serving the guests of The Grand Budapest while supporting Gustave H. in his time of need. It isn’t long before Madame D.’s death gets pinned on Gustave H. And thus begins Zero’s biggest challenge of all: helping Gustave H. escape detection by the police as well as finding Madame D.’s true killer.

Personality… devoted, subservient, and clever. Zero learns quickly, and soon enough he is standing in line with the best of his profession. In the morning he paints on a thin mustache and dresses in his lobby boy uniform. During the day he obediently serves guests. And by night he secretly slips into the home of his beloved Agatha.

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