Zack Morris
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Zack Morris

Saved by the Bell

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Living… in the Palisades, in Southern California. Zack is close to his mother, in part because she’ll let him get away with murder. His relationship with his father can be distant at times. Zack’s dad is a big-time computer salesman with an only tenuous interest in his son’s antics – a definite sore spot in an otherwise happy home-life.

Profession… student at Bayside High School, but he would find that job description limiting. Zack is more interested in enterprise, and he brings that knack for business into every situation, including school. He’s having the ideal high school experience – he’s the big man on campus, dating the It-Girl, running cross country and track, and lead singer in a band. Despite receiving relatively poor grades, he aced his SAT and has no worries about getting into a good college.

Interests… music. Atop his campus-oriented extracurricular activities, Zack is also the lead singer and guitar player for a band called Zack Attack. Zack thinks they’re a lot better than they actually are, but while they’ll never play Madison Square Garden, they’re still doing paid local gigs. (They played the school dance pro bono.) Amazingly, the other members of the band are his girlfriend and all his closest friends, who each happened to have the exact musical talents Zack needed for his band.

Relationship Status… always on and off again with Kelly Kapowski. At first, Zack had to compete with new kid Slater for Kelly’s affection. It was clear that Kelly loved every bit of the attention, but when Slater backed down in sophomore year, Kelly and Zack finally got together (and Slater and Zack became best friends). That initial run only lasted a year. Kelly was unsure if she wanted to go steady, and by the time she’d come around, Zack had became infatuated with a school nurse. It would take years for them to be reunited.

Challenge… working toward the success of whatever scheme he’s concocting. Zack is always trying to cut corners and put one over on his peers and Bayside’s principal, Mr. Belding. Zack loves a good bet, though he also likes a bad bet just as much. He gambles on sports, games like chess, and even abstract things like “the future,” or whether he could skip school. 

Personality… charming. For all his mischief, you’re always on Zack’s side in the end. He’s not the prototypical jock or popular kid – as evidenced by his friendship with the geeky Screech. Zack can be stubborn and thick-headed, but that’s more a product of his youth. He’s used to being the winner and doesn’t let losses deter him.

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